Build Different, Go Beyond

Prosperity is a Minecraft community focused on high-level technical and building gameplay. Create, engineer, and grow on a server you can call home.

A Playground For Architects

For those who wish to build, this is a great place to be. With no shortage of community projects to contribute to, and a technical community giving you access to endless resources, you can expand the scope of your builds further than ever before.

Work better together in survival and creative. Take advantage of a powerful creative server, real-time schematic syncing, and a cooperative community willing to help with large scale builds.

A wider palette than ever. With more renewable resources Prosperity can allow you to build with blocks you never would have dreamed of before.

Building together. With a strong community focus you don't need to worry about griefing, trolls, or claims disrupting or ruining your hard work.

Updates in weeks, not months. We work hard to update to the most recent version of the game quickly so you can have access to new features faster.

Base by Mhov, Random Cryptid, Rotor, and gharmonica

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Expanding The Minds of Engineers

Technical gameplay is at the core of Prosperity, with the server focused heavily on allowing experimentation and new ideas.

Redstone without compromise. Build what you want without worrying about Redstone functionality being broken and limited. Make your farms, storage systems, and machines on your terms.

Start strong. Join an established server and skip the early game grind. Prosperity already has existing infrastructure and over 30 perimeters.

Collaborate and learn. Meet an existing community of dedicated and talented Redstone engineers with wide ranging-expertise. Study our existing schematics and huge creative test world.

Expand your ambitions. Take advantage of our carefully thought out additions to Redstone mechanics, farms, and quality-of-life additions. Build new farms for sand, Elytra, sponges, and more.

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Designed On Prosperity

Explore the tech created by our members.

8x Speed Trencher

A wicked fast trencher, in-part responsible for the huge number of perimeters on the server.

Void Trading Hall

A fast, highly performant, void trading hall. Utilizes chainstone and auto-crafting.

BotheBot, Mad, Devil, Sg
Fast Shulker Loader

A fast and satisfying design for loading preset Shulker configurations.


By The Community, For The Community

Prosperity is it's community. We take community feedback and suggestions to and strive to create the best experience possible. See what our members think.

I joined Prosperity sometime in 2021. It was a super welcoming server with nice, helpful people. It was the first TMC server I joined, and frankly, it set my expectations pretty high :)
I've been playing on Prosperity for about a year now, and although the server had already been up for quite a while longer, the amazing members of the server helped me get started faster than I expected. They're great technical players and equally great builders, but most of all, they are the best community I have ever seen in a Minecraft-Server, and I can only recommend it.
I've played here for a bit now, it's a great place to call home. Some very knowledgeable technical players as well as talented builders make for a motivating environment. I highly encourage if you're looking to build redstone or not to check it out.

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Fast and Reliable

Key to both technical gameplay and quality-of-life, we take performance and reliability seriously.

20 TPS. Enjoy consistent, solid, performance without worrying about game breaking optimization plugins. Don't just run one world eater, run two, or three!

Dedicated Hardware. Prosperity is hosted on dedicated high-end hardware from a trustworthy host in Los Angeles, California.

Extensive backups and logging. Don't worry about losing days of progress if something goes wrong. We take full advantage of complete off-site backups and verbose block logging.

Battle tested. We only rely on the best open-source mods and software, with talented developers in the community to fix issues if they arise.

This is Prosperity

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